Want to get a job? Here is a guide on how to!

As a recruiter, I noticed that I could provide value by sharing a list of actionable steps that people could use to make themselves stand out when looking for jobs.

Want to get a job? Here is a guide on how to:

  1. Get to know yourself

The most valuable resource we have is ourselves so job seekers need to take time to understand themselves. Because if you are not clear on what your strengths/skills/advantages are, how would you convince others of the value you could bring to a role? Not only that but it would also affect other areas of your life like your personality and self-value.

Knowing yourself would be crucial in the whole job-hunting process as you need to be clear on what makes you happy in terms of a job, what are you looking to gain from that specific role, what are your salary expectations, where do you want to work, how many hours do you want to work and so on.

I guess most of you be wondering, how do I do that? I guess that could be a whole other article, but the short answer would be to take a piss of paper, answer all the questions you have first about yourself and then about your future position.


  1. Work on yourself

-After getting to know yourself I am sure there would be aspects of you that are great and some others that could be improved such as cv, experience, confidence, etc, So working those aspects would be the next step.

The Internet can be a blessing these days, because there is a lot of beneficial material on how to gain confidence, be a better speaker, improve your cv, prepare for interviews and much more. By simply taking advantage of this tool the chances of getting a job can increase highly.

The only way of gaining experience is to actually work on what you want to become better at. If this is the case, nowadays there are a number of websites and apps that can help you connect with volunteer programs or even paid internships to gain experience in a specific subject. Furthermore, here is the link to one of them.


  1. Research, apply and be patient

Research: There is a clear difference between searching and researching, According to ResearchGate “Search is trying to find something by looking or otherwise seeking carefully and thoroughly, whereas research is the systematic investigation into and study materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. “In simple words researching the market is making you conclusions based on the information and facts you found after searching and studying the job market.

Apply: To my knowledge spamming 50 companies a day with the same CV and cover letter is not very effective, Instead:

  • Make sure to include your personal touch to every cv and cover letter before applying to a position as this would increase the chances of creating a connection that would get you at least to an interview stage.
  • Tailor it down, so it matches the requirement of the job description be sure to highlight the skillset that makes you a strong applicant forward a particular role.
  • Tell a story on your cover letter, let them know why you think it is for you and what makes you special.

More than quantity is quality, take your time and know that hard work always pays off. Consistency is a great quality to have in life, the best part of it that it can be acquired over time. if you are really committed to finding a job and are consistent would you desire soon enough it will happen.


Be patient: Rushing things over might result in making a wrong decision and unhappiness in the future, even starting the job-seeking process again. Being patient is hard but also the best way of making sure that you have taken the right decision.

Bear in mind the patience does not mean slowness, it only means that the process would take its due time. be sure to jump on the right opportunity and do not feel bad if it is not the first, the second or the third one.


  1. Share it

-You need to let people know what you’re looking for, whether that´s your friends, family, tutors or even a recruitment company. sharing your desires is the best way to see them materialized because it helps shape the idea of what the new role is going to look like. people with whom you have shared it would normally help you connect with the job or shine a light on where to look.

Networking events are a great way of connecting with people that are in the market you are targeting. try to attend one of them in see what benefit it could bring to your job seek and connect with others!
Eventbrite is one of the largest providers for this and most of the events are free.

Get in touch with a recruitment agency, ask them questions regarding the role you would like to get and the market in general. Get them to give you feedback on your profile and your expectations. This can be very helpful and insightful, you would get a lot of information and it can also get you a job quicker as recruitment agencies normally have a number of positions available that could match your profile and ate always on the lookout for great talent to introduce to existing or future clients. To me, it seems like whether you get a job from a recruitment agency or only get feedback is a tool to help in your job-seeking process and the best part is that it does not cost you anything.


If you feel like you need help with some of these steps please get in contact with us as we would try to help if possible.

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