Reasons to use a recruitment agency as a candidate!

Employment agencies are a great way of connecting great talent with great employers.

Here is a list of 9 reasons why to use a recruitment agency in 2022:

  1. Feedback: When you use a recruitment agency there are high chances of getting feedback that would allow you to be more effective in your job search and in your general life e.g interview skills.
  2. Suitability: By registering with recruitment agency, the chances of matching with a suitable job increases as you get a second pair of eyes or more, to double-check the matching process. Also bear in mind recruitment companies get paid for these services so they would be the most interest in excelling.
  3. Decrease time on job search: A job seeker would normally take around 6 months find a job according to a study run by Seek Jobs: “68% of New Zealanders who are currently searching for a new job have the looking for up to six months” if you are interested here is the link to the article to find more information. clearly this time can be decreased with the help of a recruitment agency as they normally have it flux of ongoing job opportunities, so even though the process with a recruitment agency is not immediate it could be definitely less than 6 months.
  4. Connections: As a recruiter, sometimes I see that candidates lack experience or something that can make then stand out from the crowd. in fact that could be fixed by connecting them with the internship opportunity or by referring them with an expert on CV and CL building. In my case I offer it to my candidates if I see the need or if they ask for it.
  5. Guidance: As suggest before, there is a great deal of guidance that can be provided by recruitment agencies. for example, most of them have a blog or forum space or the website or social media where they would share useful information and links.
  1. Expectations: When applying for jobs, candidates tend to have expectations that are either too high or too low which definitely are not beneficial at job hunting. If the expectations are low candidates get underpay. On the other hand, they might let a great opportunity pass by.
  2. Broader reach: Recruitment agencies normally would recruit nationwide unless they are niche down to a city which could be useful if you’re looking to be hired in a specific city or region. but if the ideal is to find a job regardless of the location, having a profile with a nationwide job provider would increase the chances to getting a job.
  3. Understanding the market: By Closely looking into a recruitment agency job board is easier to understand the market for your specific profession. Things like how great the demand is, where is the demand located at and what would the best approach for a job application can be learn while using the services of a recruitment agency.
  4. Free of charge: majority of recruitment agencies would never charge a candidate for the services as that is the way they get paid by the companies that hire that their services.


If you like this article and want to use the services of recruitment agency just get in contact with us and our team would arrange a meeting.

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