LinkedIn the platform every job seeker and recruiter should use!


Founded in 2002, linkedln is a social network that aims to connect job seekers with job opportunities, by creating an online space that would allow communication and interactions between demand and offer.


Furthermore it can be said that the company feeds are about job acquisition, career promotions, and career-related topics rather than day to day life-related topics, which occurs with other Social Networks like Facebook and Instagram.


What linkedln has in common with other platforms is that has managed to attract a great quantity of users since its creation. To be exact Linkedln has over 706 Million users globally, which allows it to be among the best networking tools out there at the moment.

Why to use Linked in 2021?

As a job seeker that is either passively or actively looking for a job, there couldn´t be a better place to start seeding the path than Linkendln. The platform offers the option of creating a profile for you to apply for jobs and also helping job opportunities reach you.

Guide on how to create effective profile on Linkedln in:

  1. Create a career-focused profile showcasing skills and experience.
  2. Add your connections (workmates, family, classmates, friends) and connect with companies profiles you are interested in.
  3. Exhibit in your profile if you are looking for a job or not.
  4. Get people to endorse your skills.
  5. Be active at least once a week and keep it updated.

For more information on how to create a great profile click here


-As a recruitment and outsourcing provider, I love interacting on the platform because it is the easiest and smoother way to connect with specific talent and businesses. In my opinion it is worth it to use an additional paid membership loke the sales navigator tool because it allows you to see more information about Linkedln users, conduct Boolean searchers for specific demographics and more people.


Recently Linkedln has added an additional feature, where job seekers can state what is their current status in the job market, making it easy for recruiters to reach out to great talent, avoid rejections and/or be an inconvenience to the pother members that are not openly looking for a job.


For, more information on the Sales Navigator Tool click here and get a month free trial.


How is the company profitable?


Linkedln generates money through different channels; being the most representative:

-Job advertisement for external companies

-Sales Navigator plans


-Made products like training, seminars and webcourses.

To summarize:

“Linkedln” is well known as one of the biggest networking tools out there right now, as it enhances your ability to connect with jobs and job opportunities.


To the likeness of other Social Networks the company also originated in the states in early 2000 and has reached a bigger audience through the years. Some of the reasons Linked ln is reaching a big audience could be the facilities it offers to both recruiters and jobseekers.


So if you want to broaden your options when looking for job or in the recruiters case great talent Linkedln should be the platform to use.

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